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The art of the Manger in Miniature

Gennaro Corona was born in Naples in 1944 in 329 Toledo street, in the ancient fatherly house where today he has his study. Street Toledo. one of the most ancient streets in Naples, known all over the world, almost as symbol in the ancient Naples; of the Bella Epoque, of the cultural Naples, artistic, handicraft.
They were born so the first quadrettis, many given as a present to friends and relatives, someone still jealously statement and preserved in his residence in the street Luca Giordano; he started so to participate in contests and shows, that also in their modest entity they were gratifying and encouraging however.
The availability of the greatest leisure time allowed then the true explosion of the art of the "presepiello." The whole faith and passion for the nativity he started to concretize more always in the most varied containers, with microstrutture admirably conceived, almost from great scenography..
The announcement, the birth, the thankfulness, the happiness of the people, represented by micropastori of excellent invoice, united to one happy disposition of theirs, made and make the moment of the "Christmas" alive, felt, throbbing, at times contained in a microlampadina.
Thanks to Gennaro, in the name of all the believers, that with the availability of these microoperes, they have the possibility to see concretized in dwarfish space an immense Divine gift! Thanks Gennaro.

Dott. Francis Mastrobuoni

Gennaro Corona


Gennaro Corona


O presepio è sempe bello!

O presepio è sempe bello!
ma… piccirillo piccirillo
pare assai chiù bello.

E o ragiunier Corona,
e fà cu tant’ammore;
nascene primma rinto ò core,
ma po’, cù fede e passiona,
se perfezionene p’a via,
e doppe pareno offerte a Dio.

L’ha fatte rinte a tantì cose!
Si privo e ce fa vere na cosa
ca subito te rice, m’accatto pur’io!
mò nce faccio a rinto nu presepio.

Quadre, butteglie, buttigliell,
fiaschettelle, lampadine, vasettielli,
campane, campanelle, cu chella mano,
cu fede e amore, presepe addeventano.

Tante n’ha fatte,
uno chiù bello e l’ate.
So piccirilli, ma chiene
e fede e devuzione.
Ammiratele, guardatele!
Guardatele a dint, buone,
truvatece fede e passione!

O presepio chest’e!
Fede e passione!
E chi e sape creà
Merita attenzione.